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  • Housing Open or Close

    In Nairobi you will be housed in the Imani volunteer house in the Greenspan estate in Donholm see: you have to share the house with more volunteers and sometimes you have to share a bedroom with one other person. The housing and food is provided against a monthly rate of 300 Euro’s or 10 Euro’s a day. This has to be paid in advance to account number NL44ABNA0437433005 Stichting Imani te Oosterhout or you can pay direct to:

    BIC bank: KCBLKENX
    IBAN/account number: 242632488
    Bank name: Kenya Commercial bank
    Address bank: River road
    Nairobi, Kenya
    Name: Imani in trust for ICHS
    Nairobi, Kenya

  • Details Open or Close

    Internet/WIFI: available in the volunteer house Visas for 3 months or less: to work as a volunteer in Imani you need to obtain a visa when you arrive at the airport in Nairobi which will cost you 40 Euro or 50 dollar. Do not forget to bring this money with you. Insurances: You are obliged to insure yourself against health problems and travel problems like thefts etc. Vaccinations: You are advised to get several vaccinations for Kenya.
    Please contact your GGD or a travel clinic.
    Working hours: 8 hours a day during the weekdays.
    Transport: The Imani volunteer house is 15 minutes from Imani. You will be trained the first week how to take a Matatu (minibus) to reach the workplace.
    Money: In the shopping mall next to the volunteer house are several banks where you can withdraw money from the ATM. Do not forget to change your bank account to allow you to withdraw money on world level.
    Airport: On arrival you will be picked from the airport by a representative of Imani.

  • Duties Open or Close

    1. Serving and supervision of the children feeding and observing on their table manners and guiding them as required.
    2. Assisting in washing children clothes
    3. Assisting in social work related activities when need arises.
    4. Cleaning of the children toilets
    5. Accompanying children to hospital or any other place as assigned by your supervisor.
    6. Folding clothes and keeping all drawers neat and in order.
    7. Loving and playing with the children with their toys and ensuring that they are returned to their respective area for safety.
    8. Ensuring cleanliness and neatness of the children/babies and maintaining hygiene of the environment.
    9. Assist in serving children food.
    10. Assist and supervising children wash and clean their chairs, tables and table mats.
    11. Clean or sweep the hall after the children meals.
    12. Accompanying children to and from school.
    13. Taking children lunch to school at 12.30 when called upon
    14. Supervise children bath, oiling and dressing up for them to be smart and clean. Make the exercise for the children to be lovely and enjoyable by providing them with warm water and other requirement that you feel they may need.
    15. Supervise brushing of children teeth every morning.
    16. Planning recreation activities for the children within the home.
    17. Teach the children informal learning for those who are still under preparation to join formal learning in schools i.e. drawing and colorings.
    18. Assisting in the animal and poultry farm when assigned.
    19. Cleaning of the compound
    20. Gardening of our flower garden and vegetable and banana farm.
    21. Any other duty assigned to you from time to time.

Volunteer Testimonials



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Baby Abigail was born with a condition called Cerebral palsy.  She has suffered arthetosis and spastic cerebral palsy. Due to the condition, this has complicated to knocked knees deformity. She also has an internal rotation of hip joint which has also completely affected the muscle coordination of the hip joints which has led to poor coordination of the body.

The baby has also flat foot and invasion of angle joints which has also made it difficult for her to stand on her both flat feet.

Christine Wambui was brought to Imani at the age of 2 years. Christine was born with bladder extrophy whereby urine oozes continuously in form of drops through the ‘bladder opening’ at the umbilical cord area. In August, 2007 she underwent a successful reconstruction surgery at Bambino Gesu Hospital. Since then the child has been experiencing complications and she is required to go back for further medical attention which has not been possible due to lack of funds.

Grace Imani is 7 years old and has burns on the face and fingers that were inflicted on her at the age of 6 weeks. Due to the burns on her face, her vision is impaired hence she is required to go to Italy for a laser eye surgery to prevent any possible impairment or blindness in future.

Edwin Junior was referred to Imani Rehabilitation Agency from Nairobi children’s home at the age of 2.He is now 6 years old and is visually impaired, has hearing loss, has mild autism and is also dump. He is required to undergo an eye implant and also needs acquisition of a hearing aid.

Maxwell Mburu suffers from both upper and lower limb defect. He went to Italy in the month of January 2014 at Orthopedics outpatient clinic of children’s hospital Bambino Gesu, Rose, viale di san Paolo 15, for specialist assessment and the doctors recommended knee operation as he requires knee caps to help him walk.

In May this year he was admitted in hospital and completed his first phase of treatment successfully. After being examined, the doctor recommended that Baby Maxwell should stay in the hospital for further medication and treatment. It is important to note that we have held two fundraisers in 2014 and 2015 respectively so as to raise money for his treatment and upkeep while in Italy. We also received funds through pay bill, cash and bank contributions but all were spent in the hospital. Maxwell is able to walk now but he is required to go for a checkup after every 3months until he turns 18years of age. His medical costs, accommodation, upkeep and cost of flight   are so high hence the request for your support.

Charity Wanjiru was brought to our attention on the 24th of May 2004 after the passing of her both parents. She is 11 years old having physical disability and one blind eye. She also has autism which is at the second stage. She is in need of treatment and an eye surgery.

Baraka Imani who is 2 years old has hydrocephalus which is shunted and has delayed developmental milestones in; head control, sitting, standing and walking. This is accompanied by high muscle tone and poor eye-hand coordination. In order to facilitate his rehabilitation, Baraka requires:

Continued Occupational Therapy Services

Assistance devices that is, -Back slabs (for weight bearing)

                                          -Sitting/Standing Aid

                                          -In future he might require more devices as need arises



Imani employees: Requested to contribute a minimum of sh 50 every month
Imani Alumni: Requested to contribute a minimum of sh 300 every month



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1107082021


For international donors: